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CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.9-15, 2018

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/ DOI:10.5714/CL.2018.28.009

Lifetime prediction for interfacial adhesion of Carbon/Cork composites with an accelerated aging test

Hyung Sik Lee1, Sang Ki Chung1, Hyung Gean Kim1, Byeong Yeol Park1, Jong Sung Won2, and Seung Goo Lee2,♠

Affiliation: 11st Directorate, the 4th R&D Institute, Agency for Defense Development, Daejeon 34186, Korea
2Department of Organic Materials Engineering, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea

Abstract: In the aerospace field, Carbon/Cork composites have been used for rocket propulsion systems as a light weight structural component with a high bending stiffness and high thermal insulation properties. For the fabrication of a carbon composite with a heat insulation cork part, the bonding properties between them are very important to determine the service life of the Carbon/Cork composite structure. In this study, the changes in the interfacial adhesion and mechanical properties of Carbon/Cork composites under accelerated aging conditions were investigated. The accelerated aging experiments were performed with different temperatures and humidity conditions. The properties of the aged Carbon/Cork composites were evaluated mainly with the interfacial strength. Finally, the lifetime prediction of the Carbon/Cork composites was performed with the long-term property data under accelerated conditions.

Keyword: carbon composites, cork materials, lifetime prediction, accelerated aging, quad lap adhesion test