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CARBONLETT, Volume 25, Number 1, January, 2018

Gold functionalized-graphene oxide-reinforced acrylonitrile butadiene rubber nanocomposites for piezoresistive and piezoelectric applications
Bismark Mensah, Dinesh Kumar, Gi-Bbeum Lee, Joohye Won, Kailash Chandra Gupta, Changwoon Nah
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.1-13, January, 2018
Preparation and capacitance properties of graphene based composite electrodes containing various inorganic metal oxides
Jeonghyun Kim, Sang Chul Byun, Sungwook Chung, Seok Kim
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.14-24, January, 2018
Numerical study on heat transfer and densification for SiC composites during thermal gradient chemical vapour infiltration process
Zaher Ramadan, Ik-Tae Im
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.25-32, January, 2018
The effect of the modification methods on the catalytic performance of activated carbon supported CuO-ZnO catalysts
Huamei Duan, Yunxia Yang, Jim Patel, Nick Burke, Yuchun Zhai, Paul A. Webley, Dengfu Chen, Mujun Long
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.33-42, January, 2018
Novel thermoplastic toughening agents in epoxy matrix for vacuum infusion process manufactured composites
Jin-Seok Bae, Jihye Bae, Heeju Woo, Bumjae Lee, Euigyung Jeong
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.43-49, January, 2018
Combination of ultrasonic assisted liquid phase exfoliation process and oxidation-deoxidation method to prepare largesized graphene
Lei Qi, Ruibin Guo, Zunli Mo, Qijun Wu
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.50-54, January, 2018
Theoretical study on electrical behavior of carbon chain inserted single-walled carbon nanotubes compared with Pt doped one
Hao Cui, Xiaoxing Zhang, Hanyan Xiao, Ju Tang
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.55-59, January, 2018
Evaluation of thymolphthalein-grafted graphene oxide as an antioxidant for polypropylene
Mona Bagheripour-Asl, Reza Jahanmardi, Hasan Tahermansouri, Erfan Forghani
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.60-67, January, 2018
Carbon molecular sieves from soybean straw-based activated carbon for CO2/CH4 separation
Yuxian Xu, Xiaochuan Chen, Dan Wu, Yongjin Luo, Xinping Liu, Qingrong Qian, Liren Xiao, Qinghua Chen
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.68-77, January, 2018
Blending effect of pyrolyzed fuel oil and coal tar in pitch production for artificial graphite
Byong Chol Bai, Jong Gu Kim, Ji Hong Kim, Chul Wee Lee, Young-Seak Lee, Ji Sun Im
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.78-83, January, 2018
Modulator of surface plasmon polariton based cycle branch graphene waveguide
Jun Zhu, Zhengjie Xu, Wenju Xu, Duqu Wei
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.84-88, January, 2018
Preparation of isotropic spinnable pitch and carbon fiber from biomass tar through the co-carbonization with ethylene bottom oil
Jianxiao Yang, Kui Shi, Xuanke Li, Seong-Ho Yoon
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.89-94, January, 2018
Hierarchically nanoporous carbons derived from empty fruit bunches for high performance supercapacitors
Min Sung Choi, Sulki Park, Hyunjoo Lee, Ho Seok Park
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.103-112, January, 2018
Facile preparation of electrodes derived from graphene oxide@metal organic framework hybrid materials and their electrochemical property
Jin-Young Hong, Soo-Jin Park, Seok Kim, Sungwook Chung
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.113-116, January, 2018
Hierarchical porous carbon materials with ultrahigh specific surface area prepared from coal for supercapacitors
Peng Chang, Zhihong Qin
CARBONLETT, vol. 25, no. 1, pp.117-121, January, 2018