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CARBONLETT, Volume 28, Number 1, October, 2018

A brief review on graphene applications in rechargeable lithium ion battery electrode materials
Sameen Akbar, Muhammad Rehan, Liu Haiyang, Iqra Rafique, and Hurria Akbar
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.1-8, October, 2018
Lifetime prediction for interfacial adhesion of Carbon/Cork composites with an accelerated aging test
Hyung Sik Lee1, Sang Ki Chung1, Hyung Gean Kim1, Byeong Yeol Park1, Jong Sung Won2, and Seung Goo Lee2,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.9-15, October, 2018
A novel preparation and formation mechanism of carbon nanotubes aerogel
Li Shaolong*, He Yan*,♠, Jing Chengwei, Gong Xiubin, Cui Lianlei, Cheng Zhongyue, Zhang Chuanqi, and Nan Fei
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.16-23, October, 2018
Influence of kneading ratio on the binding interaction of coke aggregates on manufacturing a carbon block
Jong Gu Kim1,2, Ji Hong Kim1,4, Byong Chol Bai1, Yun Jeong Choi1, Ji Sun Im1,6,♠, Tae-Sung Bae3, and Young-Seak Lee2,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.24-30, October, 2018
Simple one-step synthesis of carbon nanoparticles from aliphatic alcohols and n-hexane by stable solution plasma process
Choon-Sang Park1,*, Dae Sub Kum1,*, Jong Cheol Kim2, Jun-Goo Shin1, Hyun-Jin Kim3, Eun Young Jung1, Dong Ha Kim1, Daseulbi Kim1, Gyu Tae Bae1, Jae Young Kim4, Bhum Jae Shin5, and Heung-Sik Tae1,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.31-37, October, 2018
Pyrolysis kinetics and microstructure of thermal conversion products on toluene soluble component from two kinds of modified pitch
Yaming Zhu, Xuefei Zhao, Lijuan Gao, and Junxia Cheng
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.38-46, October, 2018
Hierarchically porous carbon aerogels with high specific surface area prepared from ionic liquids via salt templating method
Zhen Zhang, Junzong Feng, Yonggang Jiang, and Jian Feng
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.47-54, October, 2018
Rh-doped carbon nanotubes as a superior media for the adsorption of O2 and O3 molecules: a density functional theory study
Hao Cui1, Xiaoxing Zhang1,2,♠, Qiang Yao3, Yulong Miao3, and Ju Tang2
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.55-59, October, 2018
Electronic transport properties of linear carbon chains encapsulated inside single-walled carbon nanotubes
Tomohiro Tojo1,♠, Cheon Soo Kang2, Takuya Hayashi2, and Yoong Ahm Kim3,4,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.60-65, October, 2018
Improved flame retardant performance of cellulose fibers following fluorine gas treatment
Jong Gu Kim1, Young-Seak Lee1,♠, and Se Jin In2,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.66-71, October, 2018
Empirical relationship between band gap and synthesis parameters of chemical vapor deposition-synthesized multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Oyema E. Obasogie1, Ambali S. Abdulkareem1,2, Is’haq A. Mohammed1,2,♠, Mercy T. Bankole2,3, Jimoh. O. Tijani2,3, and Oladiran K. Abubakre2,4
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.72-80, October, 2018
Adsorptive removal of odour substances and NO and catalytic esterification using empty fruit bunch derived biochar
Hyung Won Lee1,*, Jae-Kon Kim2,*, and Young-Kwon Park1,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.81-86, October, 2018
Equilibrium and kinetic studies of an electro-assisted lithium recovery system using lithium manganese oxide adsorbent material
Dong-Hee Lee1,*, Taegong Ryu2,*, Junho Shin3, and Young Ho Kim1,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.87-95, October, 2018
Improved heat-spreading properties of fluorinated graphite/ epoxy film
Kyung Hoon Kim, Jeong-In Han, Da-Hee Kang, and Young-Seak Lee
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.96-99, October, 2018
Effects of surface etching on microstructure and mechanical strength of carbon fibers
Kwan-Woo Kim1,2, Jin-Soo Jeong2,3, Dong Chul Chung1, Kay-Hyeok An3, ♠, and Byung-Joo Kim1,3,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.100-104, October, 2018
Catalytic effects of heteroatom-rich carbon-based freestanding paper with high active-surface area for vanadium redox flow batteries
Min Eui Lee, Hyo Won Kwak, and Hyoung-Joon Jin
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.105-110, October, 2018
Synthesis of Polypyrrole-based Nitrogen-containing Porous Carbon Nanotubes for CO2 Adsorption
Jiamin Liu1,#, Biao Jin2,#, Long-Yue Meng1,♠, and Kyung-Hee Lee3,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.111-115, October, 2018
Effect of the SBA-15 template and KOH activation method on CO2 adsorption by N-doped polypyrrole-based porous carbons
Hui Yuan1,#, Biao Jin2,#, and Long-Yue Meng1,♠
CARBONLETT, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.116-120, October, 2018